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Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

The I Am Project: What We Do


Doing What's Needed

This project focuses on our young ladies of color exploring who they are by removing the negative stereotypes associated to and upon by the world.  This projects promotes, self-love, cultural representation, breaking down monolithic views of oneself, and more.

This project includes the following:

  1. Writing Project

  2. Shopping Project

  3. Photo Shoot

  4. Presentation of Project to family, Community Leaders and elected officials.



Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.


 This student-centered writing approach is focused on developing strong readers and writers while unveiling the concept of self.  These students use creative writing skills and technique to express who they are through this project. One important part of writing is that students want to write. Culturally we are a both a storytelling and story writing community.  A writer needs to have a story to tell or information to convey. The second most important part of our writing project is experiencing self discovery, of the very concept of "I AM" being personalized by each individual. Writing is communication and communication without an audience is incomplete. During the workshop, the students need to read their writing to their peers, and listen to their peers and Mentors share their own writing.

The final writing project will have gone through, Pre-writing/Rehearsal, Drafting, Revision and Editing. Each piece will be published in print and digitally.


Shopping Project

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